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Innovative product from Burma for weight loss in a short time – Green Slim based on coffee beans. This unique tool developed by leading scientists in Burma, Thailand, Britain to help people find slimness, health and beauty. Today you can order the drug at an affordable price directly from the manufacturer with a guarantee of authenticity.

Green slim


The secret of effectiveness

Green Slim was developed by scientists in Myanmar who were working on a solution to the problem of obesity. According to statistics, being overweight is the cause of numerous problems with the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, mobility and hormones. Against the background of age changes, lifestyle, bad habits, addictions to sweets and unhealthy menus can seriously harm your figure, well-being and health.

The composition of Green Slim includes powerful actioxidants of raw coffee beans – the basis of the drug. They send signals of satiety to the amygdala body of the brain, which stops the process of fat deposition, reduces cravings for food, promotes the removal of toxins. Such a simple and congenial development has helped thousands of people in Asia, Europe and America to find slimness and youth, beauty and good mood.

Green slim - a natural remedy for weight loss

Green Slim product composition

The main composition of the product is raw coffee beans of the variety Lampung Robusta. The secret of coffee’s effectiveness is that the beans are not roasted or heated. This preserves the organic composition, the complex natural substances and all the benefits.

The beneficial effect of Green Slim provides a combination of several products:

  • Raw coffee beans: give quick satiety and reduce hunger, accelerate fermentation and metabolism;
  • Chlorogenic acid: speeds up the work of food enzymes that break down fat in problem areas (thighs, abdomen, arms);
  • Excipients: contribute to the breakdown of fatty tissue, removal of toxins and harmful compounds.

In sum, all the components have a simple action, safe for the body, easily and quickly achieve the desired effect. The figure slims down in a matter of days, the beauty and vivacity inspire positive changes in life.


How to take Green Slim

It is enough to take just 2-3 times a day, a portion of Green Slim, to lose weight within a week. The drug can be consumed before a meal or with a meal, which significantly reduces appetite. As a result of 30 days of use, you can significantly lose fat and remove toxins, to find slimness and vigor.

Green Slim

Green Slim test results

As a result of numerous tests in the laboratory, with the involvement of hundreds of patients in the clinics were tested drug Green Slim. The result was an average weight loss of 31 pounds (6-7 kg) over 7 days. Also, the majority of subjects showed an increase in tone, activity, vigor and energy increased by drinking raw coffee. There was no depletion or leakage of nutrients, according to blood tests. Each patient lost between 7 and 25 kg in 1 month, without dieting, exercising, or tedious changes in their eating schedule.

Can I buy Green Slim in a pharmacy?

Today, the production and sale of obesity drugs account for the lion’s share of sales in the pharma industry. However, innovative and healthy remedies such as Green Slim are often not available on the market or in pharmacies because of the danger of competition. Or they are offered at a very inflated price, unaffordable for interested people.

For this reason, it is recommended to order Green Slim on the manufacturers’ website. Here will be available a favorable price, no commissions in favor of intermediaries, direct delivery from production. You can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the product! So you don’t need to look for the drug in pharmacies – you can order it through the Internet site. This is a guarantee of protection against counterfeiting.


Numerous reviews on the results of the use of Green Slim speak of the effectiveness and usefulness of the drug.

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