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In the spring of 2022, something incredible happened at the European Congress of Endocrinologists. The entire audience gave the speaker a standing ovation for 10 minutes. The speaker was Ena Ivancic, a student from Zagreb. She offered a unique formula for losing weight in the blink of an eye, without any food restrictions. The girl presented a great idea. Experts from the Institute of Endocrinology, the Medical and Pharmaceutical University, the Institute of Development and Scientific Biology and Nutrition, and many other specialists have begun to develop the drug. It is already established and produces excellent results.


An innovative method of losing weight has become popular in a short time because of its effectiveness.
– is a ready-to-drink product supplied in sachets filled with concentrate. Take every day for thirty minutes before breakfast. The course lasts seven days.

Be sure that this will be enough even in the most neglected cases. Do not increase the dose so as not to cause anorexia. This powerful effect is achieved thanks to the active ingredients: L-carnitine, opuntia extract, berry and green coffee extract, and green tea extract. They reinforce each other’s action, so the fat doesn’t stand a chance. First, Mixotica suppresses appetite and cravings for carbohydrates, which are digested into glucose (sugar), absorbed into the bloodstream and cause weight gain. Secondly, the product improves and accelerates the metabolism, including lipid metabolism – the process of breaking down fat cells, so that the calories the body will not be absorbed, and you will not gain fat, even after stopping taking the product. Third, the drug has a strong absorptive action, removes toxins from the body and decontaminates it: toxins and constipation not only cause weight gain, but also damage internal organs, degrade the skin and cause ill health. To summarize, Mixotica is a real find for those who want to lose weight, but for various reasons can not or do not want to exercise and sit on a diet. With Mixotic, you lose weight gradually, without dieting, eating disorders or much effort. The product does not contain aggressive components that can affect the heart and other organs.


Beware of counterfeit products! Mixotica can only be obtained in Croatia by participating in a drawing with a 50% discount. Our website offers a discount on the purchase of Mixotica products. Try your luck by pressing the SPIN button. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to buy this product cheaper than usual! Good luck!


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