Keto Bullet Coffee

Diet and weight loss

Keto Bullet is a low-carbohydrate diet-ready adaptation of the world-famous Bulletproof Coffee.

Keto Bullet

Nutritionist David Asprey created this drink after visiting Tibet, where he tasted a tea with buffalo milk oil that was energizing and filled with energy. David later changed the formula and adapted it to his own taste. The result was bulletproof coffee, coffee with coconut oil and palm oil.


The difficulty of making bulletproof coffee has to do with its recipe, which is very difficult to recreate. That’s why we created Keto Bullet, the only KETO drink that fully meets KETO standards, 0.5 grams of carbs per serving.

Unlike bulletproof coffee, Keto Bullet is quick and easy to prepare. Simply pour the contents of one sachet into hot water and mix thoroughly. Enjoy the combination of delicious coffee and coconut flavor.

MCT oil is an easy and simple route to ketosis. Keto Bullet fights the cause of metabolic syndrome, a metabolic disorder. The drink contains MST oil. MCT oil is a product of processing coconut oil and palm oil with a high fatty acid content. It increases ketones in the blood, gives the body lots of energy and supports ketosis, the process of burning fat in the body.

Keto Bullet

Keto Bullet contains other ingredients that enhance its taste and action. They contribute to weight loss and improve overall health. Means significantly suppresses appetite, so goes craving for sweets and junk food. Accelerates the metabolism by 10-12 times, increases endurance and activity. Helps you lose weight by breaking down fat. The risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 18 times. General well-being improves concentration, thought provoking.

The perfect formula for a slim body is available to order right now! The product contains chromium, which promotes weight loss while maintaining muscle mass. It speeds up the metabolism, is suitable for a diet with few carbohydrates, and gets rid of cravings for sweets. Chicory
reduces hunger, suppresses appetite, helps to cleanse the body and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Coconut peppermint extract reduces hunger, gives a long feeling of fullness, prevents stress and improves mood.

Keto Bullet


Keto Bullet remains one of the most popular and effective methods of losing weight. Keto Bullet is a completely new product on the dietary food market, made in accordance with all the requirements and norms of standardization. Leading nutritionists from different countries took part in its development. The balanced and well-calculated formula with natural ingredients contains a minimum of carbohydrates and meets keto nutrition standards.

Keto Bullet is an aromatic coffee drink with a rich flavor. Its organic ingredients have no side effects and are completely safe to consume. With regular use, the drug speeds up metabolism, normalizes metabolic processes, activates the process of burning fat and prevents weight gain in the future.

How do I take Keto Bullet?

Take the remedy according to the instructions in the morning and during the day. The rich flavor and unparalleled aroma will drive you crazy. Kilograms will melt before your eyes from the first day of use!


To order, fill out a special form on the official website of the supplier. A manager will contact you within five minutes for details.
Become slim without too much effort on your part!

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