Forget the problem of obesity with Lipostonica

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Talented student wins top national award for invention
that allows you to lose 17 pounds in two weeks without chemical supplements, starvation or exercise. Something new happened at the 2020 European Endocrinology Congress. Everyone in the audience applauded an Indonesian student named Inda Kusumawati for her unique discovery of a formula that allows you to lose weight in a short time without restricting yourself from eating.

Inda Kusumawati has created a brilliant method
that Scientific Indonesia is going to do. Experts from the Indonesian Institute of Health, along with their colleagues, will help the girl develop this medication for great results. Once the innovation was presented to the audience, the author received many patent applications for her product.

Lipostonica - forget the problem of obesity


A brilliant student developed this remedy to help millions of people lose weight. Bima Agri, an academic endocrinologist, is coordinating the creation of the drug. Indah is trying to make the innovation long-lasting, so that after consumers finish the recommended drug therapy, their weight will remain stable and not return to its previous values.

During clinical trials, Lipostonica formula was found to help you lose weight without changing your lifestyle or eating habits. This effect is achieved through a unique combination of ingredients that suppress hunger, cleanse the body of toxins and burn fat. By reducing the amount of food you eat, Lipostonica speeds up the breakdown of fat deposits, turning them into energy. They all provide weight loss as well as body size.


Lipostonica is a drug that must be taken for a week according to strict rules. One capsule contains 5 extracts that work simultaneously, which accelerates the burning of fat by 10 times!

With Lipostonica you can forget the problem of obesity forever. You cannot buy the drug in pharmacies, but you can order it on the manufacturer’s official website.


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