Fly Bra

Breast augmentation

Fly Bra is an invisible bra that will help give your breasts the perfect shape without the use of unnecessary details. It lifts it strapless, making it great for outfits with open shoulders and/or back.

Fly Bra

What is Fly Bra?

The Fly Bra is characterized by the following:

  • The silicone cups are anatomically shaped and perfectly lift and hold the breasts.
  • Ideal for dresses with a deep V-neck or open back.
  • Thanks to the absence of clasps and rigid arcs, your activity will not be limited.
  • Together with Fly Bra you will feel free and confident!


The advantages of choosing the FLY BRA

The benefits of an invisible bra include the following:

  • You can wear whatever you want! The small thickness of the cups and the flesh-colored color makes it invisible even if you decide to wear a lace dress.
  • The lack of straps will help you feel confident in clothes with a bare back and shoulders.
  • Easy to use. Regular bras tend to scratch the skin and leave marks. Because of this, many women already after an hour begin to dream of taking it off as soon as possible. There is no such problem with Fly Bra. It supports the breasts without damaging the skin.
  • Universal size. You can choose a silicone bra for any breast size and shape.
  • Ability to visually enlarge the breasts. With the help of FLY BRA it gets the perfect shape. Bra hides existing flaws and emphasizes the advantages and visually increases the breast size by 1-2 sizes.
  • FLY BRA is made of medical silicone, which is completely safe for humans and does not cause allergic reactions.


How do I use the FLY BRA?
It’s pretty simple! It is recommended to put on the bra FLY BRA immediately after showering, because it fits better to clean skin. Next, you need to remove the protectors from the surface of the cups, glue them to the chest and fasten them. Thanks to the presence of lacing, you can create a push up effect.


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