Cocoa Slim Chocolate Drink

Cocoa Slim Diet and weight loss

A chocolate drink for sweet lovers dreaming of a slim figure, everyone will love it!

Cocoa Slim

Product Properties

  • Absorbs fat and transforms it into energy.
  • It removes toxins from the body.
  • Suppresses appetite and gives energy.
  • It removes excess fluid from the body.
  • Produces the happiness hormone dopamine.

Guaranteed results at any age!


Cocoa Slim is the star weight loss secret that energizes you and impresses you with its unparalleled taste. The most popular weight loss product among celebrities!

Laura Maldonado, nutritionist and wellness specialist at Lorena García and Soledad Becerro, recommends taking Cocoa Slim instead of a snack or a full meal to lose weight quickly. It stimulates the metabolism, gives energy for a full life and, in addition, is good for the figure. It is recommended to take the product not more than thirty days. This period should be enough to achieve impressive results.

Result from the first days of use!

American scientists have invented a simple and convenient way to lose weight without limiting yourself in anything. You won’t need training or diets. A special laboratory developed a formula for a drink called Cocoa Slim with a latte flavor. The composition has special components that actively absorb fat. They break it down and remove toxins from the body. The excess weight is gone quickly and forever, and the size of the breasts remain the same. Cocoa Slim speeds up the metabolism, reduces appetite, and helps you lose fat every day without additional exercise and dietary restrictions.

High-quality composition, thanks to which you will lose weight quickly and safely!

Whey protein concentrate accelerates metabolism, stimulates fat burning, maintains muscle mass, prevents loose skin and stretch marks. The drug blocks the appearance of new fat deposits on the sides, abdomen and thighs.

L-carnitine, L-taurine stimulate metabolism, accelerate the breakdown of fat tissue, improve the condition of hair, nails and skin in the process of losing weight. There is a replenishment of essential amino acids in the body.

Anhydrous caffeine gives the drink a nice rich chocolate flavor and aroma. It protects against free radicals, rejuvenates cells and helps build a beautiful and slender silhouette.

Cocoa Slim

How to take Cocoa Slim?

Add a tablespoon of the remedy to a glass or cup of hot water. Take one serving a day. It is recommended to take the drink during breakfast for maximum absorption. The recommended course of treatment is one month.

With Cocoa Slim you will lose weight and rejuvenate your body.


How will your body change when you start taking Cocoa Slim?

  • 1 day. Notice that you wake up in the morning alert and rested.
  • Day 5. Your body functions in weight loss mode, you begin to lose fat.
  • Day 10. You feel happy, you have lost weight, and you wear clothes one size smaller.
  • 21 days. Your body is rejuvenated, your body weight is reduced, extra pounds are gone.
  • Day 28. You noticeably lost weight, you’re wearing sexy clothes in a smaller size, everyone is crazy about you!

The study, conducted by U.S. scientists, involved 900 people who were 10-40 kilograms overweight. The volume reduction in the study group was 11-16 cm 91%. Weight loss 8-16 kg 99%. Disappearance of heartburn and heaviness in the stomach 100%. Normalization of sleep and increase of work capacity 97%. Reduction of swelling and cellulite 94%.

Cocoa Slim

With Cocoa Slim, you are just one step away from the body of your dreams! Some of our 2,350 customer stories.


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