BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX will get rid of excess weight

BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX Diet and weight loss

BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX is a sweet drink that makes it easy to get rid of excess weight.

Useful properties:

  • Excess fat is transformed into the energy of life.
  • Slags and toxins are removed from the body.
  • Appetite is suppressed, excess fluid is excreted.
  • The happiness hormone is produced.


BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX – the secret to a slim figure

Leading nutritionist and WHI expert Laura Maldonado recommends consuming Black Latte Drink Mix instead of meals or snacks. The drink will help get rid of toxins, while improving digestion and metabolism. The body will get vitamins and minerals, while stimulating lipolysis. At the same time there will be an influx of energy, which is useful in everyday life. After a course of treatment for 30 days, you can get a good and slender figure.


Results are noticeable from the first days of use

The taste of Black Latte Drink Mix is fully consistent with the classic latte. The special mixture contains useful substances that absorb and break down excess fat. At the same time, toxins and impurities are removed. With Black Latte Drink Mix, the metabolism is accelerated, digestion is better, and the body gets a boost of energy, with appetite under control. The drink made of natural ingredients provides effective correction of the figure and improves health, without having to go on a diet or perform grueling exercises.

Good components for figure transformation!

Coconut milk.

Stimulation of the metabolic process. Starts the body’s natural purification by processing the excess fat that has accumulated in the flanks and belly areas.

Coffee powder and isolate.

The breakdown and removal of excess fat accumulated under the skin. Effective fight against cellulite, dermal problems and the formation of a trim figure. Oat fiber.

Stimulation of leptin production (a hormone necessary for rapid breakdown of fat in the human body). Vitamin Omega-3 is not produced on its own. Therefore, it comes into the body from external sources.

Black Latte Drink Mix


Black Latte Drink Mix Consumption Features

A tablespoon of the substance is added to a glass or cup of hot water. One portion is taken per day. It is better to consume the drink for breakfast, so that the maximum effect was achieved.

It is recommended to treat for 30 days.

BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX for a fit and healthy body

  • Fat becomes energy and vitality increases.
  • Appetite and hunger recede.
  • Metabolism improves.
  • Exhaust waste and excess fluid are eliminated from the body.
  • Dopamine is actively produced.



Consistent changes from receiving BLACK LATTE DRINK MIX

  • 1 or 2 days. When you wake up, you can feel fresh and energetic.
  • Day 4-7. Restructuring of the body, optimization of digestion, reduction of appetite.
  • Day 9-11. The metabolism is accelerated, it is possible to wear clothes in a smaller size.
  • Day 17-22. Energy fills the body. There is a noticeable improvement in health. There are no unnecessary substances in the body. Cellulite recedes, and the skin has gained elasticity.
  • Day 28 and beyond. The body has been cleansed and transformed. Excess fat burned off, the skin became tighter. It became possible to wear tight-fitting closet items.
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