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There are many stories of unrequited love in today’s reality. The cause of suffering of girls and boys in many cases is overweight.
Everyone wants to have a trim, slender figure with coveted parameters ninety*60*90. Wear tight jeans, elegant pencil skirts. Accentuate the belt axis waist.

But there is no strength to give up delicious pizza, French fries, sodas, juicy fatty ribs. Enjoying an appetizing dinner, combined with watching your favorite show, you do not think about the extra pounds. And suddenly love comes. And from the object of admiration – only a contemptuous look. Involuntarily we have to think about the fact that fat folds on the sides and not only do not beautify the appearance. The man gets up on the scale and is horrified to see the number “122 kg. For some, such a verdict will make them finally give up and seek solace in devouring cakes and sweets. After all, so cozy to sit in front of the TV surrounded by cute, fluffy cats, not thinking about the rapidly flying away years. With extra pounds on the sides comes not only stable loneliness, but also a host of different illnesses.


Make an effort and change your life

The most resistant people, having received a powerful incentive in the form of a stormy affair on the Internet, pull themselves together and go on a diet. Signing up for the gym. They spend several hours a day there.
Two or three weeks go by, and no tangible results are seen. The enthusiasm is gradually waning. A strict diet with calorie counting (2 apples, 1 banana, one chicken breast per day) shows a weight loss of only 500 grams. With such a result, clearly inadequate to the efforts made, you will not be very happy.

The next step is to go to the pharmacy for diet pills. There is a large selection of different drugs, often with an incomprehensible list of ingredients. Taking them can cause heartburn, poorly controlled diarrhea, hypotension, nausea, vomiting, and liver pain. With all this agony leading to loss of health, the hated pounds go nowhere.

How to lose 62 kg, gain health and beauty

Salvation is in the clay

You don’t have to be frightened in advance. We are not talking about ordinary alumina. Bentolit supplement is based on volcanic detox clay. It helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins, stagnant fat.


The Natural Composition of Bentolite

The drug is made from natural ingredients, no artificial additives, flavor enhancers.

  • Bentonite fine-grained clay formed from volcanic ash and water. A strong adsorbent that stimulates intestinal peristalsis and is responsible for cleansing toxins.
  • Oats, which contain polyphenols, proteins, and choline, help to eliminate toxins. These elements are a real healing balm for a liver and pancreas tired from diets, medications, and improper nutrition.
  • Soy helps dampen the “sucking under the spoon” feeling of hunger. Supplies essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins.
  • Energy boosting coffee beans.
  • Well-known to healers, ginger root helps you lose weight by speeding up circulation. Supports the body with vitamins, trace elements. Gives the necessary amount of iron, calcium, zinc.
  • Another plant component derived from fennel is a source of potassium, chromium.
  • A balance of Ca and K allows the thyroid and parathyroid glands to keep hormone levels in balance.


How to take

The special beauty of Bentolit supplementation is that you don’t have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle. No grueling workouts, no starvation. You just need to help your body a little by taking a supplement on an empty stomach every day in the morning.

Reception method

Take two teaspoons of powder, pour water or milk in an amount of one glass. After infusion for 10-15 minutes, stir well and drink. While the mixture is infused, you can take a shower.


In just one month, your figure will change beyond recognition. Tempting shape will put on a swimsuit, and boldly go to the pool. Admiring glances of the opposite sex are guaranteed. After all, in the process of natural weight loss, the skin does not sag, but tightens and gains elasticity. Hair due to regular intake of zinc, chromium, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids gain shine, lushness. And all I had to do was to buy Bentolite and drink the diluted powder in the morning.

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