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Get rid of fat deposits and eliminate toxins without losing muscle mass. Apollos improves digestion, has a natural composition, accelerates metabolism during periods of reduced physical activity.


The cleansing and fat-burning properties were analyzed on more than 2,000 foods during the development of the remedy. Based on the data obtained, a unique detoxification formula has been developed that functions in accordance with human biological rhythms. Micronutrients stimulate the cleansing process and regulate hunger, and organic acids accelerate fat burning.


Just a cup of Apollos tea will cleanse your body and fill it with energy.

Lose 7-10 pounds in a month is real! The weight is not coming back!

The unique combination of ingredients promotes healthy bowel function. The formula does not cause stomach heaviness, bloating or irritation due to low energy during the day. Food is processed quickly, so it does not turn into fat. The drug is a mixture of medicinal plants with a particularly balanced ratio, which enhances metabolism, stimulates digestion and breakdown of fats in the body.

Green tea with lemongrass, nettle, mint, olive improve digestion, accelerate fat burning, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


What is so unique about its composition?

Your body is transformed by a special combination of natural ingredients that give energy and accelerate fat burning.


How is it used?

  • It is recommended to brew Apollos like regular tea.
  • Drink it after every meal or before every workout if you exercise.
  • The recommended duration of treatment is one month.


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